I dont feel hungry anymore. I haven't eaten more than a meal a day in a week. I have an endo appointment at the end of this month and I'm just going to get yelled at. I'm about to just not care anymore. Help.

I’m sorry if I’m replying to this late.I know how you are feeling right now, trust me, I know it’s hard and that it’s going to take a lot for you to care again, but honestly it’s worth it. Maybe right now you can’t see anything that can help motivate you but sooner than later something will, and I promise you, you will be fine. If you ever feel like you can’t handle it anymore the best thing to do is let it out, whether it’s to your friends, a family member, or even me(I’m always here to help I promise.) But don’t you worry about your endo I’m sure when you go in there you will be just fine, and your A1C will be fine, there were many times where I felt like I was going to get yelled at, and scared of what my results will be, but that’s just the over thinking and everything, in reality it’s not really that bad. 

Never give up hope, or anything, you are stronger than diabetes, we all are. You have to remember that, even though it’s sort of hard to, it’s the truth at the end of the day. You aren’t required to be perfect with perfect blood sugars and everything, it’s nearly impossible to be, no matter what you will always have your bad days, and that’s fine. It’s hard now, but I promise you things will eventually get better, and you will start to see it. 

You can do this, I believe in you, don’t stop caring because behind every struggle there is victory, I promise. (I really hope this helps, and sorry again for possibly replying late.) 


sometimes I feel like I use diabetes as an excuse to keep Oreos under my pillow

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Being chronically ill means constantly having this crippling fear of not being able to comfortably believe your illness is as bad as it is, and fearing everyone will be proving to you that you don’t have that illness or that you’re exaggerating it. 
It’s constantly fearing judgement from doctors, family, friends, even other sick people, and worst of all, yourself. 

Maybe it’s not logical, and certainly not healthy, but it’s hard to avoid.

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I went to the endo yesterday and my A1C was 6.0 :)

Aww that’s so good! I’m happy for you!! =)) 


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